Oladis Troconis de Rincón

Associate Editor (Founder)

University of Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Center for Corrosion Studies, Ciudad Universitaria de LUZ, Headquarters Building next to the School of Chemistry and Petroleum. Maracaibo-Edo, Zulia, Venezuela.
Email: oladis1@yahoo.com; oladistdr@gmail.com


Summary of the Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Oladis Troconis de Rincón has been working since 1972 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Zulia (LUZ) where she was director of the Center for Corrosion Studies (1978-2011) and currently she continues as its Advisor. She is a Chemical Engineer and has a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in the USA, she has a Doctorate in Fundamental and Applied Electrochemistry from the Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela and received a Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Zulia. She is currently the Director of Education for the Latin American Association of Construction Pathology (ALCONPAT International). Founding Associate Editor of Revista Alconpat… Read more.

ORCID:  0000-0002-3693-5057