The Revista ALCONPAT (RA) is an international scientific electronic journal of the Latin American Association of Quality Control, Pathology and Recovery of Construction that aims to publish case studies related to quality control, pathology and recovery of buildings , contributions are welcome product of basic research, applied, documentary or review articles, directly related to the solution of problems in these areas.

(RA) is aimed towards the scientific and technical medium of the construction industry, related to: exterior finishes, climate action, accidents and meteors, legal aspects, ethics, costs, education and learning, execution, human factor, structural elements, decorative elements, management, facilities, safety, materials, characterization methods and methodologies, standards, works, projects, international networks, use and maintenance.

The manuscripts will be subject to a peer review process by a scientific committee and anonymous reviewers in a double-blind process, in which the authors do not know the evaluators and vice versa.

It is a quarterly journal published three times per year in the following manner: January, May and September. It is published in three languages, English, Portuguese and Spanish. The RA, based on its open access privacy policy, allows downloading the entire content of the journal in digital format (PDF) for free.

It also authorizes the author to upload the article, in the format published by the journal (author’s guidelines), to their personal website:; the author may also distribute copies of the published article in an electronic or printed format to anyone they consider convenient and reuse parts of the article in future articles, provided that the corresponding credit is given (citation).

Vol 10, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents




Paulo Helene, Carlos Britez, M. Carvalho
1 - 21

Applied Research

Fabrício Bolina, Bernardo Tutikian, Jordana Gonçalves, Thiago Souza, Gustavo Manica
22 - 35
Dainer Marçal Dias, João Luiz Calmon, Geilma Lima Vieira
36 - 52
Carlos Alexandre Santos Sales, Carlos Fernando Gomes do Nascimento, Thais Marques da Silva, Lydia Marques Barreto, Alberto Casado Lordsleem Júnior, Willames de Albuquerque Soares, Pedro Castro Borges, Eliana Cristina Barreto Monteiro
53 - 68
Francine Barcellos, Fabrício Bolina, Bernardo Tutikian
69 - 78

Basic Research

Carlos Amado Britez, V. P. Silva, M. Carvalho, Paulo Helene
79 - 96
Julia Menegon, Ângela Gaio Graeff, Luiz Carlos Pinto Silva Filho
97 - 113

Documental Research

Paulo Helene, Douglas Couto, Jessika Pacheco
114 - 131
Antonio Fernando Berto
132 - 146