Pedro Garcés Terradillos

Curriculum Vitae Summary

University Professor. Professor member of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Alicante. He has taught or teaches courses in Chemistry (oriented to Civil-Materials Engineering) (ITOP), Metallic Corrosion (Architecture), EHA Durability (Architecture), Construction Pathology (ICCP and Civil Engineering). He is the author of 6 teaching books. His research activity has been developed in the following lines of research: 1. Characterization and durability of construction materials; 2. Metal corrosion in the construction field. armor corrosion; 3. Polymeric corrosion inhibitors; 4. Sustainability in Construction; 5. Multifunctional conductive concretes. As a result of said activity, he has accumulated the following productivity data: 10 competitive R&D projects as a researcher member of the team; 11 competitive R&D projects as Director-Principal Investigator; He currently directs a Prometheus Project / 2013/035. 5 Private projects with companies; 6 Doctoral Theses directed; 7 more Doctoral Theses in the development phase; 72 Articles in journals with a high impact index; 40 Communications in International Congresses; 33 Communications in National Congresses; 42 Final Degree Projects directed; 3 Patents; 8 months of stay in other national and international Research Centers; 3 six-year research periods. Other merits: Subdirector of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Alicante (from September 2007 to the present); Director of the Construction Engineering Area (course 1993-94 to course 2005-06); Coordinator of the Chemistry Teaching Unit of the ITOP and ICCP degree; Responsible for the International PhD Program in Materials, Water and Soil Engineering (UA); Director of the "Durability of Materials and Constructions in Engineering and Architecture" Group at the University of Alicante, from the 2004/05 academic year to 2012/13; Evaluator of the CYTED program (Science and Technology for Development in Latin America); Evaluator of requests for R+D+I projects at ANEP; Evaluator of the Accreditation Agency for Research, Development and Technological Innovation, AIDIT; Journal Reviewer: ACI Materials Journal; Coal; Construction materials; Journal of Applied Electrochemistry; Surface and Coatings Technology, Construction & Building Materials, Composites part B, Fuel, ALCONPAT Magazine; Member of the associated unit of the CSIC (Institute of Economic Geology)-University of Alicante; Member of the group of excellence of the Generalitat Valenciana: Concrete Science and Research Unit; Member of the Spanish Construction Platform. Investcon Network. Ministry of Industry; Member of the RILEM Technical Committee, approved on March 27, 2008, TC-EPE "Electrokinetic processes in Civil and Environmental Engineering"; Member of the AENOR CT112/GT4 subgroup: Corrosion of reinforcements; National Delegate for Spain of the Prevent Network (Prevention of pathological problems in concrete structures in Latin America) (CIAM/54826 Project); Member of the Accreditation Commission for TU-IYA appointed by the Council of Universities (BOE-4 Feb2014)Member of the Editorial Committee of the ALCONPAT Magazine (Journal of the Latin American Association of Quality Control, Pathology and Construction Recovery) Technical Vice President of the Latin American Association for Quality Control, Pathology and Construction Recovery (ALCONPAT INTERNACIONAL).