Functions of the Language Editor

Responsibilities of the Language Editor:

The main responsibility of the language editor is the translation of the articles published in Revista ALCONPAT to a second or third language

Admission requirements:

  1. Apply in time and in due form to the corresponding call of the Language Editor of Revista ALCONPAT every two years.
  2. Be a native speaker of the language to which the editor applies for translation.
  3. Personality, training and professional behavior.
  4. Punctuality in the delivery of the translations (no more than two weeks)
  5. Have knowledge in technical and scientific translations
  6. Ad-Honorem Work

Permanence requirements

  1. Comply with the delivery of the translations in a punctual manner.
  2. Written request in time and in due form for the editor’s re-election for periods of two years when the call is established.

Causes for termination:

  1. Due to death or incapacity
  2. Due to the breach of their duties