Functions of the Editor in Chief

Responsibilities of the Editor in Chief

The editor in chief of the journal will remain in charge for 4 years with the option of re-elections. The editor in chief will be selected on merit by the editorial staff of the journal. He or she shall be subject to the requirements of admission, permanence and termination. The main function of the editor in chief is:

  1. To coordinate the functioning of the journal including the process of evaluation of the articles, relying on electronic tools and on the co-editor in chief, the executive editor, and the language editors.

 Admission requirements

  1. Have been a member of the editorial staff of the journal for a period of at least four years with an excellent record in the compliance of their obligations.
  2. Present to the editorial staff a four-year plan for the improvement of the journal in quantitative and qualitative terms.
  3. Present their submission for the corresponding call every four years.

 Permanence requirements

Present a bi-annual report of the positive results of the journal in the last two years

  1. Show considerable advances regarding the quality parameters of the journal such as, periodicity, quality of form and substance of the articles, inscription to international citation indices, marketing strategies and dissemination, etc.
  2. Written request in time and in due form when the call is established.

 Causes for termination

  1. Due to death or incapacity
  2. Due to the breach of their duties