Functions of the Co-Editor in Chief

(President of each CONPAT)

In addition to the abovementioned editors, there will be a Co-Editor in Chief who will remain in charge for two years and this position will be held by the president of each CONPAT.

Responsibilities of the Co-Editor in Chief

  1. Edit the memoirs of the CONPAT that correspond to them under the pre-evaluation and pre-publication policies of the journal, and following up with the Editor in Chief.
  2. Assume, within the organization of the CONPAT, the payments in kind to the editorial staff according to their achievements.
  3. Channel to the journal the payment per article that each author shall carry out for the publication of their work in the journal.

Admission requirements

  1. Have been appointed as the President of CONPAT for the next two years.

Permanence requirements

  1. Fully comply with the memoirs of the CONPAT according to the quality policies of ALCONPAT.

Causes for termination

  1. Due to incapacity or death
  2. Due to the breach of their duties