Functions of the Associated Editors

The board of associated editors will be comprised by members of the international community, consultants and researchers of renowned academic level and who have extensively stood out thanks to their labor in this type of task. The board of associated editors shall belong to the collegiate body of the journal in which the other editors participate. The associated editors shall also have admission and permanence requirements, and shall be terminated according to the compliance of their duties.

Becoming a part of the board of associated editors shall be done through the invitation of the editor in chief and based on the CV and compliance of the admission requirements. The permanence in this position is of two years and renovation must be requested. An associated director may not remain in the position for more than eight years, that is, after three re-elections.

Admission requirements for the board of associated editors

To become a member of the body of editors, the following is necessary:

  1. Receive an express invitation from the editor in chief of the journal to submit their CV for evaluation for their possible inclusion in the board of associated editors of the journal.
  2. Submission of their CV to the editor for analysis
  3. Have been a member of the arbitration board for at least two years, complying with their tasks to the satisfaction of the corresponding editor
  4. Letter of commitment for the compliance of their tasks for the period of time that they remain in the position

Permanence requirements for the board of associated editors

To remain in the body of associated editors, it will be necessary to comply with the following requirements:

  1. Have complied with their assigned tasks to the full satisfaction of the editor in chief and the editorial staff.
  2. Send the request for renovation via internet during August of each odd year, prior to the reunion of the editorial staff.
  3. Send their CV in the available format for renovation.

Causes for termination from the board of associated editors

The members of the board of editors of the journal may rescind or be terminated due to the following:

  1. The death of the person
  2. The systematic breach of their obligations (lack of punctuality or not sending the arbitration results, lack of communication, etc.)
  3. Not requesting the renovation in time and in due form despite complying with the other permanence requirements.

Functions of the board of associated editors

The editorial staff will have the following duties:

  • Participate in the bi-annual meetings called by the editor, in the country where the headquarters of CONPAT are located.
  • Evaluate the works assigned by the editor in a period no longer than 15 days. For this, they can ask for the support of the arbitration board of the journal.
  • Provide feedback on the answers of the authors in a period no longer than 15 days.
  • Submit at least one original article to the journal per year, be it theirs or from renowned authors.
  • Comply with the policies of the journal that were agreed on in meetings and assemblies.