RA V6 N1, Message from the the Editor in Chief (May – Aug 2016)

Pedro Castro Borges


Revista Latinoamericana de Control de Calidad, Patología y Recuperación de la Construcción


At the Alconpat journal we are pleased to present the second issue of the sixth year which presents a several interesting contributions in various areas that will be of interest to our readership-

The aim of the Alconpat journal is to publish case studies related to quality control, pathology and recuperation of constructions, as well as applied and basic research, reviews and documentary research.

This edition begins with a paper from Marcondes y Medeiros, from Brazil, show that the hierarchy analysis is a useful tool to investigate the efficiency of dispersion of carbon nanotubes in a mixture of water in concrete; they studied 12 types of dispersion of powdered nanotubes of multiple wall dispersed in various aqueous chemical solutions.

The second paper by Gómez-Zamorano y Castillo-Linton, from México, investigate the effects of adding 0.3 to 5% of nanoparticles of silica into two binders of portland cement and calcium sulfoaluminate cement; they report that the nano silica improved the compressive strength and resistance to sulphate attack.

The third contribution by Valentini and Kazmierczak, from Brazil, analyzes the potential pathologies in ceramic tiles, such as loss of adherence that leads to falling of pieces and costs of repairs. The authors evaluate the properties of various tiles combined with two mortars subjected to three curing conditions following the ABNT 14.081-4:2012 standard. The type of curing was the most significant factor controlling the strength of adherence, followed by the type of mortar.

The work from Argentina by Ortega et.al., researched on the accelerated corrosion of concrete beams subjected to flexural loads that generate traction tension in the corroded steel. They evidence that under similar mechanical stress, the corrosion process, and its physical manifestations, are influenced by the thickness of the concrete cover over the steel

The fifth paper by Mazer et.al. from Brazil evaluates the incidence of pathologies in the facades of buildings and their correlation to the geographic orientation. They report that the pathologies appear in different amounts and directions, with a relationship associated to the variation of temperature and wind direction, depending on the geographic orientation.

The contribution of Morgado et.al from Portugal offers a study on the resistance to fire of beams fabricated by pultrusion of polymer reinforced with glass fiber (GFRP). They developed numeric models using the software ANSYS FLUENT, which allows to simulate the evolution of the temperature distribution in cross sections; another model allows the determination of the evolution of deformation in the beams.

A contribution from México by Luévanos Rojas presents a model for the design of combined concrete rectangular foundation slabs restricted in two opposite sides, taking into account the actual soil pressure on the concrete slab. The mathematical perspective provides tangible precise results to support finding the most economical solution.

The issue closes with a paper by Deghenhard et.al. from Brazil, with research on the external structural reinforcement, by means of steel plates adhered with expoxy glue, as an option to increase the load capacity of elements of reinforced concrete; the authors present a comparative study of the beams.

The Alconpat Journal is also delighted to increase the number of papers from 6 to 8 in this issue V6 N, which is a results of the enthusiastic collaboration of the research community.  It is also noteworthy that the Alconpat Journal assigns now DOI numbers to the papers, which will facilitate their indexing and finding. The journal is also making use of a OJS portal and a new and friendlier website (www.revistaalconpat.org).  We thank the authors and reviewers involved in this issue for their quality contributions and for helping with keeping the times of the journal.  .

On behalf of the Editorial Board 

Pedro Castro Borges         

Editor in Chief


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