Coming soon V10 N1

Guest Editor:

Institution: IST University of Lisboa, Portugal.

Special guest topic: Project and construction management systems.

This special issue will consider the works that address cases of project and construction management systems in the construction industry. We will consider projects and construction management systems in which new, unconventional and non-standard processes intervene.

Topics of interest that involve the implementation of project and construction management systems:

  • Design and construction methods to increase the service life of structures;
  • Construction inspection systems;
  • Structural and/or durability evaluation of structures;
  • Numeric modeling or experimental studies of the response of structures to structural and/or environmental loads;
  • Damages prevention in structures through specific measures in regulations, special actions, rehabilitation, etc.;
  • Maintenance management;
  • Integrated inspection and maintenance systems;
  • Case studies, surveys and/or applied investigations.

Those interested must send their work through the OJS portal of Revista ALCONPAT until September 30th, 2019.

Decision date: October 30th, 2019

Publication date: V10N1 2020, January 2020